Rick Porcello An Ace?


Credit: Nick Cafardo

To this point of the season the Boston Red Sox have been a very inconsistent team. Rarely at any point have both the Red Sox offense and pitching been playing up to expectations at the same time . This has been evident as since the all star break, the starting pitching has improved while the offense has not been the high octane offense it was in the first half. One pitcher however  has pitched like an ace and his name is not David Price. Entering this season Rick Porcello was coming of the worst season of his career after coming to Boston last year. Porcello was obtained indirectly from the Detroit Tigers for  Yoenis Cespedes in and was intended to replace fan favorite and ace John Lester. Porcello finished 2015 with a record of 9-15 and an ERA of 5.39, the year before Porcello had an ERA of 3.91. Porcello’s turnaround however can be traced back to that disastrous season. Before the all star break last year Porcello was placed on the 15 day DL however when he returned he was the Porcello of old and ended 2015 on a high note. So far in 2016 he has only improved.

Through twenty three starts this season Porcello is 15-3 with an ERA of 3.75 however Porcello’s impressive numbers do not end their. He has not lost a single start at home this season and the Sox have not lost a game in which he’s started since June 12. If Porcello can keep pitching like this then that extension that everyone said was a huge mistake by the Sox could end up being one of the best bargains in baseball. When the Red Sox gave  Porcello 82.5 million dollars  they  weren’t paying him for what he had done. They were paying him for what they knew he could do. In 2016, Porcello is finally starting to justify that contract.

The Red Sox signed David Price to a mammoth deal to be their ace in the off season.Price has not pitched like an ace but maybe the ace of this team isn’t Price. Porcello is on pace to pitch a career high of 220 innings and break his career high off wins in a single season. If He can  keep pitching like this then Red Sox fans  may be able to forgive ownership for not paying John Lester because Porcello could be just as good.



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